Teaching & Research Office

School-wide educational affairs, research and development, international exchanges, and academic publishing.

Academic Affairs Section

International Affairs Section

Research & Development Section

  • (02) 2498-0707 #5312
  • Promoting school affairs development, campus planning, internal control and evaluation, etc.

Scholarly Publishing Section

Student Affairs Section

School-wide student affairs management.

Extracurricular Activities and Student Life Section

Counseling and Alumni Center

General Services

School-wide general affairs.

Construction and Maintenance Section

  • (02) 2498-0707 #5010
  • On-campus construction and repairs, procurement, delivery of goods, post office operations, occupational safety, environmental safety and health, water and electricity equipment, facility maintenance, etc.

General Affairs Section

  • (02) 2498-0707 #5020
  • Lunch service, accommodation, venue management, door cards, item and property management, cashier, campus landscaping and environmental maintenance.

Project Operations Team

  • (02) 2498-0707 #5006
  • Campus volunteer recruitment and management, integration of college education into the Dharma Drum Mountain’s platform of “Education Accessible to All” and “Education of Universal Concern.”

Library and Information Center

Assisting teachers and students, managing special collections and digitization projects.

Library and Information Center

Digital Archives Group

  • (02) 2498-0707 #5241
  • Digitization of texts and publications, creation of Buddhist Studies reference material databases.

Information and Communication Section

  • (02) 2498-0707 #5221
  • Integrating the institute’s computer resources, providing a digital platform for teaching and research.


In accordance with Article 7, Item 6 of the school's regulations: the secretarial office handles the school's secretarial affairs, official seals, school documents, audit management, file management, school history records, and campus security.

Secretary Group

Audit Group

  • (02) 2498-0707 #5407
  • Drafting internal control documents, implementation of audits, promotion and management of internal examination operations.

Documents Group

School Safety Center

  • Director Gao
    (02) 2498-0707 #5440
  • 24-hour dedicated security line  0963-119-276
    Please dial extensions 5099(Administration Building) or 5599(Yangsheng Fitness Center 19:00~07:00)
  • Promoting campus safety, disaster prevention, and other related matters.

Dayuan·School History Museum

Human Resources

Teacher appointment, promotion, qualification review, salary classification, staff appointment and dismissal, transfer, assessment, reward and punishment, study abroad, research, training, leave, treatment, welfare, insurance, retirement, pension, severance, secondment, leave without pay, trips overseas, revision of relevant personnel regulations, and other related human resources affairs.
The Human Resources office manages the personnel affairs for the whole school's faculty and staff.


Plan the allocation and expenditure of funds according to the school’s development plan, establishing a reasonable accounting system to strengthen internal management and control. Promote the computerization of administrative work to improve service quality.
Manage the accounting affairs of the school.