About DILA


School Headquarters (Jinshan Campus)

General Building (administration, teaching, and living)

  • B1 General Affairs office, Guard Room, Unloading Area, Parking Lot
  • 1F Classroom area, Dayuan·School History Museum, DILA Delight, Counseling and Alumni Liaison Center (Fayundi), Health Room, Teacher Research Room, General Dining Hall
  • 2F Classroom area, Social Enterprise and Innovation Program office, Alumni Association office, Digital Archives Group, Conference Room, Academic Affairs Section, Information and Communication Section, Project Operation Group, Teacher & VIP Lounge, Dahui Hall
  • 3F Scholarly Publishing Section, Research & Development Section, International Affairs Section, Mind-Life Environment Research Center, Conference Room, Graduate School Head office, Life Education Program office
  • 4F President office, Vice President office, Assistant office, General Business office, Secretary office, Accounting office, Human Resources office, School Safety Center, Yunji Hall, Department of Buddhist Studies office, Department of Buddhist Studies President office

Chanyue House (Dormitory)

Each floor has a saloon, a pantry, a bathroom and toilet, and a laundry (drying) room.
  • CA Building Liying Hall (1F), Women's Dormitory (2~4F)
  • CB Building Women's Dormitory: Students (2~3F), Staff (4~5F)
  • CC Building Female dormitory (1~6F), temporary dormitory (2F)
  • CD Building Chanyue House (gatherings, snack area), Chanlin Room
  • CE Building Ligoudi (4F Accommodation Service Counter), Activity Accommodation Area (2~6F)
  • CF Building Men's Dormitory (2~5F)
  • CG Building Study Room (1F), Men's Dormitory: Students (2~3F), Staff (4F)

Yangsheng Fitness Center

Each floor has a pantry, toilet, and elevator.
  • 1F Youxinchang (meditation hall), yoga classroom, bathroom
  • 2F Chan Research and Practice Center, Tea Meditation Classroom
  • 3F Multi-purpose court, Student Union & Combined Club Office, Martial Arts Room (music room), toilet, bathroom
  • 4F Gym, Squash Room, Calligraphy Classroom, Yueyin Club Practice Room
  • 5F Student Affairs Section

Library and Information Center

The center is open to faculty and students of the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, Dharma Drum Mountain World Center for Buddhist Education, Dharma Drum Sangha University, full-time volunteers, non-formal school students, etc.
  • 1F Acquisition and editing room (purchasing, cataloging office), amphitheater
  • 2F Scripture Collection area, Special Collection area (Guanyin/Dunhuang), Reference Book area, Information Retrieval area, Special Collection room for Cultural Relics, Photocopying room, Circulation, Reference Service desk, International Conference Hall
  • 3F Buddhist Studies books, categories 000-600, newspaper reading area, research booth
  • 4F Buddhist Studies 700-900, Verardi Book Collection area, Periodical Backlog area (Western), Media room, Miniature room, Large Group room, Small Group room
  • 5F Periodical current issue area, periodical back issue area (Chinese and Japanese), seminar room
  • 6F teacher research room

Building location