Emergency Contact

Dial 119 in case of an emergency Click on the following numbers to dial the number automatically (please make sure your device supports this functionality)
School Safety Center  Director Gao
On-campus ext: #5440
School Security
Administration Building ext: #5099
Yangsheng Fitness Center ext: #5599 (19:00~07:00)
24 hours mobile phone contact: 0963-119-276
Emergency Contacts
Information listed according to the 106/05/03 General Conference
【Working hours】Monday to Friday 8:30~12:00; 13:30~17:00, except on national holidays
Issue Organization
Emotional distress and mental illness Counseling Center #5126
Suicide (Injury) Counseling Center #5126
Violence and bullying Student group #5537
Sexual assault, harassment, or bullying (Student) Counseling Center #5126
Sexual assault, harassment, or bullying (Faculty and Staff) Human Resources Office #5435
Infectious diseases Health Room #5124
Natural disaster Construction and Maintenance Section #5010
Domestic violence Counseling Center #5126
Traffic accidents Student group #5539
Internet fraud Student group #5537
Dog attack Student group #5537
Interpersonal conflict (Student) Student group #5537
Interpersonal conflict (Faculty and Staff) Human Resources Office #5435