About DILA


Ting-Ming Chen


Term of office: August 2022 ~ present (3rd President of DILA)

Education: Ph.D., Department of Public Administration, National Chengchi University

Areas of expertise: Social Enterprise and Innovation, Analysis of Social Impact and Social Investment Return, Spiritual Environmental Protection Management, Social Capital and Network Analysis, Non-profit Organization Management

Resume: Former professor and president of the DILA Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, professor and director of the Hakka Institute of Political Economy, executive director of the Social Impact Institute of Taiwan, executive committee member of the National Chengchi University School of Social Sciences Civil Society and Local Governance Research Center, advisory member of the Hakka Committee of the Executive Yuan, member of the review committee for the Ministry of Labor's Multiple Employment Promotion Program and Empowering Employment Program, etc.
Awards: First-class service medal certificate issued by the Executive Yuan (delivered to outstanding teachers with over 30 years of teaching experience), National Central University Academic Research Excellence Award, National Central University R&D Achievement Performance Award, etc.
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Academic Works

School management philosophy: To integrate the Ministry of Education's Higher Education Sprout Project, implement the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts’ School affairs development, link up with Dharma Drum Mountain’s global network and resources, make a concerted effort to secure governmental support and make good use of the alumni network to foster further cooperation and partnerships.
On this basis, the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts will continue to embrace Spiritual Environmental Protection as its core principle, developing its unique identify as a “small but beautiful” school providing a liberal arts education. We invite all staff, alumni, and students to join us in our determined effort to pursue the concept of Spiritual Environmental Protection and innovation. In this vision, the president plays a key role in integrating internal and external resources to support the development and implementation of our vision. President Ting-Ming Chen will hold fast in this mission of promoting the development of the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, guided by the spirit of Spiritual Environmental Protection.
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Past Presidents


Bhikshu Huimin (passport name: Guo, Miin-Fang)


Term of office: 2014/08~2022/07 (1-2rd President of DILA)

Education: Doctor of Letter, University of Tokyo, Japan, 1992

Area of research: the yogācāra/Mind-only school, Meditation and Society, Sanskrit, Humanities and Science, Buddhist Informatics.

Present Positions:
Abbot, Seeland Monastery, Taiwan, ROC
Chairman, Comprehensive Buddhist Electronic Text Archive (CBETA) Foundation
Emeritus Professor, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei (TNUA), Taiwan, ROC

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